Proposal-Establishing Practice

Module AD801

Photography 1 : Establishing Practice

October 2016

Initial Proposal

“For years I felt myself an exile from normality, and now I feel myself one of those exiles from time. The past is a foreign country, but so is old age, and as you enter it you feel you are treading unknown territory, leaving your own land behind. You’ve never been here before. The clothes people wear, the idioms they use, their pronunciation, their assumptions, tastes, humours, loyalties all become the more alien the older you get. The countryside changes.” Jan Morris. Extract (‘Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere’ 2001.)

I would like to explore the issues around aging [and memory]. One’s reflections on past experiences and relationships and how interpretations and feelings about these change with time and age. Written words; letters, diaries, journals, books and records leave lasting accounts, but still it is only the author that can authenticate meaning and truth. But sometimes through a fog of thoughts or twist of recollection ones memories change or disappear all together.

I would like to use specific photographic images to describe time passing and alternative/historic darkroom processes to explore how, over time moments captured can be seen and experienced differently. I would also like to explore the use of moving image. I have little experience with this medium, but I feel strongly that film clips and possibility some form of animation would enhance the experience of the viewer and be significance vehicle for what I would like to say.

I have made some initial research in to the photographic work of Sally Mann – Proud Flesh

Phillip Toledano’s series ‘Days with My Father’2010

However I am most interested in the work of work of William Kentridge and Bill Viola

Initially I will attempt to describe passed lives and am particularly inspired by the extraordinary and significant work of the authors; Iris Murdoch and Jan Morris. These are extraordinary women and much has been written about them.

However I would like to draw on the inspiration of my own Mother and developed my practice to concern her own battle with memory, how this impacts on her accounts of the past and her relationship with the here and now [friends and family].

The final presentation I see in part as the representation of memory; a moving clip that can be watched as a sequence but also broken down to single parts.


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