Final Piece -Burnt Clock (Memory)

The sequence of images below represent the final intended presentation of this video piece. The large guilt frames are typical of those used to mounts portraits, one might commonly find in a family drawing room, study or reception area in a home. These portraits would be of ancestors and family members in times past. The video piece has been edited in the portrait aspect, in-keeping with the typical presentation of portraits of family and loved ones in domestic homes.


I have included a rotated version of ‘Burnt Clock Memory’ in the USB for the purposes and ease of viewing, however this is not what the final presentation would look like. If this project were to be expanded my intention would be to include many frames within a walled, room-like gallery, each frame containing a two minute video clip depicting memory sequences using the animation and filming techniques I have presented here. This potential presentation would create an all-consuming environment of small conversations and slowly changing visuals that show the transformation of things, objects, people and possibly actions/events. The video clips would show ‘photographs’ transforming in this slow animation from one form to another less obvious one. The typical representation of something that has been captured photographically would mutate very subtly into a less clear form of its actual self.

Using various darkroom techniques and materials does itself present photography in a changed for from that of the true form. Also the process, whether it be cyanotype’s, sepia, collodion, salt, Van Dyke even the use of liquid light, these processes transform the usual photographic representations of light and form. Recording the change from a typical and usual black-and-white image into a traditional processed form and recording the slow transition from one for the another has been fundamental to my description in the piece of memory, shared memory and memory loss.


These are the three major images that I have settled on to create my video clip having experimented with other photographs taken of my mother in the greenhouse before and after the fire.  The photograph was taken towards the end of the summer 2016 just a few months before the fire destroyed all of her belongings and entire greenhouse content. I believe this is a strong image but the interesting thing for me, that central to my use of the images is the clock. The clock, which I have used as a symbol for memory loss. As it happens I was able to salvage the surround of this object and use it to represent the change in recollection of memory and how that has and can often change over time. In conversation with my mother after the fire she mentioned the clock and we used the photographed to support her recollection of the greenhouse and her effects that were in, which are now all lost. I sat with her while she recalled an anecdote about the clock, this was interesting as during the interview, she talked about the clock in the present, “it doesn’t have a face any more.” I had to remind her that the clock does not exist any more. Her concern was to replace it and she has already found a suitable clock for her future green house. The clock is a very appropriate object for me to focus on and I feel I use it well as a metaphor for time changing the recollection of event and things.


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