Research: One day Symposium Photography’s relationship with Illness, Mental Health and Wellbeing. Feeling Images

7th April 2017, WaterShed Bristol.

Patrick Graham, ‘The Things You Left Behind’

Patrick’s photographic practice draws upon a lifelong interest in the physical environment and our interaction with it. Having worked in land based management his work is broadly informed by a multitude of disciplines that also include humanitarian perspectives drawn from psychology, religious and spiritual ideologies, folklore and mythology as well as contemporary art. Through the medium of photography he seeks to reveal the underlying threads of commonality that connect us all, in a way that engages the heart and mind.

“The things you left behind” is a concertina photobook exploring themes of the absent father:-

Heather Agyepong, ‘Too Many Blackamoors : The burden of the strong black female narrative’

“The work was inspired by a 19th century Carte-de-visite of Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta. Sarah was the West African adopted goddaughter of Queen Victoria who came to live in England at a young age. The images are based on my own personal experiences as a young black woman, dealing with the macro and micro traumas of racism encountered while travelling around European countries. The format was based around Rosy Martin and Jo Spence’s ‘Re-enactment Phototherapy’. Too Many Blackamoors aims to challenge the ‘strong, independent, black female’ narrative that can burden and often entrap black women. With Sarah as my template, the project attempts to illustrate the effects of such perceptual limitations whilst exploring my own internal conflicts of falling short from such mainstream ideals.”Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.28.42


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